How It Works

GOwiz is Australia’s on-demand services app that brings solutions straight to your door. Whether you have hair that needs cutting, a dog that needs walking, or parcels that need delivering, you can find your solution at GOwiz. 


Welcome to the GOwiz family!

IMPORTANT INFO TO GET STARTED: GOwiz has 2 apps on Google Play Store For Android Devices & Apple iPhone Devices App Store,  

1.       If you are planning on becoming a Service Provider (i.e. to do Paid Delivery & Services Work For Customers). Please download and install the “GOwiz Provider App” 

Android Devices : 

Apple iPhone Devices App Store:


2.       If you are planning on becoming a Customer  (i.e. You Want Something Delivered or You Need A Service Done)

Please download and install the “GOwiz Customer App”

Android Devices   

Apple iPhone Devices App Store: 



Good Luck & We Hope You Enjoy The GOwiz Experience.



A New Way For Service Providers & Service Seekers


Driving Work-Life Independence


• Farm Workers Backpackers

• Couriers & Delivery Drivers – Bikes, Cars, Utes & Trucks

• Food – Takeaway & Grocery Delivery

• Online Tutoring, Personal Trainers, Life Coaching & More

• Domestic & Commercial Cleaners

• Handy People & Renovators

• Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting & Grooming

• Mobile Vets: Domestic Pets & Farm Animals

• Qualified Tradespeople - Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Carpenters & More

• Flat-Pack Assemblers, From kitchens to Chairs

• Builders Labourers, Labour Hire, Removalists & More

• All Hospitality Staff, Retail Staff, All Casual Workers Available

• Lawns & Gardening, Landscaping, Tree Lopping & Garden Waste

• Computer Repairs, Remote Login Services, Security & Anti-Virus,

• Remote Services: Graphic Designers, Admin, Telemarketing & Sales

• Professional Services: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Legal, Medical & More

• Mobile Mechanics Car Bike & Trucks

• Local Volunteers & Check-in Services

• "Ask of Anything To Get Done" Wildcard Category.

• and many more Services Available..





We are committed to giving our customers the best service, whenever, wherever and however they need it. On the GOwiz App you can find the right person for you, whether you need someone skilled, experienced, or just passionate about what they do - they’re all there, at the click of a button!         

Whether you need something doing urgently, you’ve been putting something off, or you could just use a hand, you can find your solution at GOwiz. Just head to our Services List where you can find anything from dog walkers to skilled tradespeople, choose your provider and leave the rest up to us! You can also be assured that your provider will have the right licences and qualifications for your job, as here at GOwiz we have taken these measures to give you a little extra peace of mind that your tasks are in good hands. 

Getting help with your tasks doesn't have to cost you a fortune! When choosing a service provider, you can shop around until you find the right price for you. If you already have the tools for the job (e.g. paint brushes for painting, cleaning tools for cleaning), you can choose a provider without tools and maybe save some cash along the way. Customise your GOwiz app to suit your budget and your needs, whatever they might be. 

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Service Providers


From independent workers to business owners, our service providers are passionate about delivering great service. Whether you want to earn some extra cash, or just need a way to fill your spare time, you can put your skills and hobbies to great use on GOwiz - and get paid! Put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your own work life and choose when you work, what you do, and most importantly… how much you earn!

You don't need any special skills, transport or tools to be a provider. Just yourself and a great work ethic! Through your GOwiz App, you can select the services you are willing to offer and at what price rate. If you don't have the tools to perform a task, it doesn't mean you can't still offer your services! Just select the no equipment options on your Services List and we will pair you with customers who already have the tools ready for you - save your money and travel light!

Find out more about being a GOwiz Service Provider, or Sign Up Here


So how does it all work?


Step 1: Customer selects a service from the Services List and chooses a provider from the available profiles.

Step 2: The service provider will receive a request notification to their device where they can choose to accept or decline a task.

Step 3: After accepting a task, the provider will be scheduled to arrive at the agreed time. Specific details of a task can now be communicated through the GOwiz private messaging system. 

Step 4: Once the task has been completed, the payment will be deducted from the customers elected payment method (bank card or GOwiz Wallet). The payment amount less the service fee will now be made available in the service provider's Wallet