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If you have a specific question about what you can do on your GOwiz App, you might be able to find all your answers on our- CLICK HERE... FAQs Page.


Getting Set Up


Signing Up

Signing up to GOwiz is free for everyone, just head over to the website or app, select the Sign Up Page page and enter your details to register. If you wish to sign up as a Service Provider, just ensure you have Australian Work Rights.

Once you’re signed up you can go to your profile and begin to add more details such as; images, documentation and manage your alerts. 

To find more information on Australian work rights, you can go to

Guide to setting up a service provider profile

Anybody can earn an income with the GOwiz App! All you need is a free ABN from the Australian Tax Office (ATO), a drivers licence or id, insurance and you're on your way to work for yourself.

To register as a service provider, you will be asked to fulfill 5 steps of registration:

  1. Become a Provider. Here, you will need to enter your full name, email address, phone number and password.

  2. Upload Your Documents. Follow the prompts to upload your driving license and resume. 

  3. Add Services. Through the Manage Vehicles option, you will be able to upload your vehicle information such as; Make, Model, Year, License Plate and Colour. Using the Manage Other Services option you will be able to select the services that you are willing to provide to customers. To find out more about the services you can provide, check out our Services List.

  4. Add Your Availability. This is your opportunity to set your availability for service requests. You can choose to work as much or as little as you want! 

  5. Waiting for Admin’s Approval. Your work is done. Now just wait for admin’s approval and you’re on your way to start earning fast cash

Once your account is all set up, you can go to your profile and begin to add more information to make your profile stand out to customers. Here, you can display a profile image, service description, images of your previous work and relevant qualifications and documentation.


Making changes and updating information



You can make changes to your account at any time through the GOwiz App or website. Just select your profile page on the main menu, and click on the pencil icon next to any information you wish to update. 

Service Provider

You can make changes to your service provider account at any time. Just use the menu to edit your availability and manage services as well as make any changes to your profile, bank details, gallery. 

To add services, you need to select that you are offline on your home screen first.

Adding documents 

To add more documents to your profile, head to the Manage Documents page where you will be able to add new information, as well as update your driving license and resume.




I can't sign up

Thank you for your interest in signing up with GOwiz, we can’t wait to see your profile up and running! If you’re having trouble signing up, please see the our tips below. 

  1. Ensure you are trying to install the latest version of the app, or are accessing the website on a recent browser. 

  2. If this doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or clearing your cache and cookies if you are using a browser. 

Email Issues

  1. While you can use your email address to sign up as both a customer and a service provider, GOwiz only allows one account each per user. You will therefore not be able to use the same email address to sign up for two accounts as a customer or as a service provider. 

  2. Check that there are no spaces in your email address or password. 

  3. If you are trying to reactivate an account, try using the Login Page.

If issues persist, Contact Us with details of the problem and our team will be happy to assist. 

I can't login

Using the app:

  1. Ensure you are trying to install the latest version of the app, or are accessing the website on a recent browser. 

  2. Check that there are no unnecessary spaces in your email address or password. 

  3. Close the app down. Reopen and try logging in again.

  4. If you are still experiencing issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

Mobile Browser:

  1. Check that there are no unnecessary spaces in your email address or password. 

  2. Close the window down. Reopen and try logging in again.

Desktop Browser:

  1. Ensure you are accessing the website on a recent browser. 

  2. If this doesn’t work, try clearing your cache and cookies if you are using a browser. 

  3. Check that there are no unnecessary spaces in your email address or password. 

I've forgotten my password

For a forgotten password, select the Forgot Password on the Sign Up Page and recovery instructions will be sent directly to the inbox of your registered email address.

To update your password via the GOwiz App, just select the three dots icon at the top of your profile page where and you will see the option to change password.

To change your password on the website, simply head over to your user dashboard and select the 'edit' button next to your password. 


Report an issue


Whether you're experiencing technical issues or you have an issue with a service, at GOwiz we want to hear about it. Just go to the Contact Us page where you can enter details of any issues you may be experiencing, and we can help you to get back to enjoying the GOwiz service.


Posting a task


How to post a task

You can post a task for free at any time through the GOwiz App or website. Simply go to the Services List and follow the prompts until you find the right person for the job! Once you have found a provider, just send them a request and add any additional relevant details in the Special Instructions section. 

Scheduling a task for the future

GOwiz is all about convenience. We understand that you may want a task doing urgently, or for a time in the future. Perhaps you're going on holiday and you need your car fixed when you get back. Or maybe you need to get to work and you need it fixing now. All of these options are available on GOwiz. When booking a task, at the checkout you will be given the option to schedule a task for up to a month in the future at any time slot. 

Writing a task description

Make sure to add as many details as possible to a task description. This way your service provider will know exactly how to prepare for a job and which tools to bring. Negating any confusion from the beginning can save time in the future and ensure your tasks are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What happens if my task is not responded to?

Don't worry if your task request is not responded to straight away. GOwiz has plenty of providers and will always have someone available to do your tasks for you. 


Payments and fees



How payments are managed

Our secure payments system will handle the payment transfer between customer and service provider. Just ensure that you have enough money in your My Wallet before booking services through the app and we’ll take it from there

You will be able to add money to your wallet through the My Wallet page. You can also update your payment information at any time through the Payment page. 

Finding your payment history

You can find details of your payment history through your My Jobs page - just select the job you wish to see payments for. You can also get receipts sent to your inbox through the get receipt option. 


Service Provider

Receiving payments

As a service provider, you will provide an payment rate for each task you have selected as being willing to provide on your Manage Services page. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Accept a job request.
  2. Arrive at the job and make sure to mark yourself as arrived through the GOwiz App
  3. Once you have finished your task, mark the booking as ‘completed’ and request the offered price. The customer will then be prompted to release your payment via the secure Wallet system.
  4. Wait for the money to land in your Wallet where the service fee will be automatically deducted. Once your payment arrives you can transfer the available amount into your elected bank account and start spending!

Finding your payment history

You can find details of your payment history through the ‘Your Bookings’ page - just select the job you wish to see payments for. You can also see a recorded history of your transactions through the View Transactions option in your Wallet




As a GOwiz service provider, your earnings are still taxable at the same rate as usual. Therefore, if you are receiving income from other employment, your GOwiz earnings will be added and your overall income will be taxable according to the current tax rates and laws. 

The good news is, you can claim tax deductions for amounts totalling up to $20,000 Before you go claiming for everything however, these deductions can only be claimed for capital assets acquired for use in your GOwiz work such as: travel costs, mobile phone bills, insurances, safety equipment, service fees paid to GOwiz and work related clothing. So no claiming back for those expensive lunches and parking tickets Just make sure to keep a record of your business expenditure in the form of receipts, bank statements, invoices, logbooks etc and claim it back in your tax return 




If you are earning a turnover of $75,000 or above from your combined incomes, you will need to register for GST. In this case, we’re glad to see that GOwiz is working so well for you! Otherwise, if your earnings are below the $75,000 bracket, you don’t need to worry about GST just yet. 


Changes and cancellations


With every booking, you will be given a set limit of time in which to cancel free of charge. However, at GOwiz we want to build trust between all app users, and last minute cancellations can cause a great deal of inconvenience that we want to avoid at all costs. We understand that circumstances can change at short notice and may affect your ability to follow through with a booking. In these cases there is an option to cancel your upcoming bookings, which will incur a cancellation fee credited to your Wallet, as well as possible other consequences. 


Trust, Safety and Insurance


Service Provider Safety

Health and Safety is extremely important to us at GOwiz. We want to make sure that our service providers feel comfortable, happy and ready to work wherever possible. If you experience any issues, you can let us know at any time through the Contact Us page.

Here, we have put together some tips as a guide to safety so that you can feel as safe as possible at every stage of the GOwiz process:

  • Never disclose any personal information through your public profile or when communicating with customers via the direct message platform. This can include things like; bank information, your home address, forms of personal ID, social media accounts or your phone number. The messaging system in the GOwiz App is completely private and we will never share your phone number or personal information with customers or any other users. You can, however, share your trade license ID with a customer via the messaging system to encourage them to have confidence and trust in you as a provider. 

  • Make sure to read the information about a job post before choosing to accept. This way you can make sure you feel comfortable with the tasks you will be performing. If you feel uncomfortable with a task description or something doesn’t seem quite right, do not accept the request and when necessary report it to us via the Contact Us page. 

  • If you feel unsafe during a task and you feel safe to do so, notify your customer of your concerns. If necessary, let them know that you feel unsafe to continue.

  • If you ever feel that your safety is under immediate threat or danger, call the emergency services immediately. 

  • If your customer is not present to check your completed work, you can take photos to send via the private messaging system. This way you can make sure that a customer is happy with the job you’ve done before releasing your payment into your GOwiz Wallet

Customer Safety

At GOwiz, we take customer health and safety very seriously. If you experience any issues, you can let us know at any time through the Contact Us page on your dashboard. 

In the meantime, here are some tips to follow so that you can feel as safe as possible at every stage of the GOwiz process:

  • Remember that the tasks you post on GOwiz are publicly visible. So don’t disclose any personal information such as; bank details, ID, social media, home address, email or phone number. 

  • When posting a task, make sure to be as specific as possible about what you want the service provider to do. This will ensure that there is no confusion or miscommunication between both parties, and the task can be performed to the best standard possible. 

  • When requesting a service provider for a task, don’t be afraid to look at their profiles and ratings before selecting them. Here, you will be able to see any relevant documentation for the task, such as; a police check, trade license, driving license etc. This also means you can make sure a provider is qualified or experienced for the job you wish them to carry out. 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask to see a copy of your service provider’s Trade License ID if necessary. 

  • If you are not available to check a completed task, you can request for the service provider to send you photos. This way you can ensure that you are happy with their work before releasing the payment from your card or Wallet

  • If you ever feel that your safety is under immediate threat or danger, call the emergency services immediately.


Useful Tips


Service Provider Tips

How to dress as a service provider 

  • There is no official dress code you need to abide by to be a service provider. However it is important that your customers see you as a reliable and professional worker. This can be helped by wearing appropriate clothing for the tasks you will perform, for example: smart clothing for tutors, or high vis clothing for builders and tradespeople. 

Making your profile look good 

  • To ensure that a customer gets the best impression of your profile and your work, you should fill out as many details as possible on your profile page, such as; a profile photo and any relevant documentation (police check, driving license, etc). 

  • You can also add photos of your work and any tasks you have completed into your work gallery. Here, you can showcase your abilities and show customers what a great job you can do!

Setting a price for a task

  • When customers wish to request you for a job, they will see your price rates before they make their selection. For this reason, you should make sure that your price rates are reasonable and will make you look attractive as a potential provider. A basic rate has been set for every task, for all providers, to show an example of the price a customer would be looking to pay. You can set competitive rates by assessing your skills and abilities to perform a task and adjust your rate accordingly. If you do not have the necessary equipment, skills, or relevent experience, you should consider setting a lower price for these servcices. 

  • If you have selected to perform services whereby you are not providing your own tools, your price rate for this task should be lower accordingly. Customers will provide their own tools for these tasks and should expect the price to be lowered as a result. 

How you can ensure good ratings as a service provider 

  • Always ensure that the services you have selected on your Services List aligned with your skills and capabilities. This way, not only will you feel comfortable with every job you sign on for, but it also means that the customer will be happy with the work you have done. 

  • Make sure to communicate effectively with your customer. If you are not sure on the details of the task, just ask! You can do this even before you arrive at a job via the GOwiz private messaging system. 


Customer Tips

How to find the right provider for your task

  • To ensure that you find the right person for your job, first make sure to select all of the relevant prompts. For example, if you are looking for a provider to paint your living room, select Building and Trades from the Services List, then choose Painters. Next, you will be able to add any additional information about the job. 

  • Make sure that any additional information is clear and precise so that the service provider knows exactly what they need to perform the job to the best standard. This can include details of measurements, materials needed, model numbers etc. For example "I need four large walls approx. 10ft by 20ft painted yellow. I have enough paint, just bring your own paint brushes and any other necessary equipment".

How you can ensure good ratings as a customer

  • Your customer rating will be visible to other users on your profile. To ensure you receive great ratings every time, just make sure that your service provider feels happy and comfortable with the task you are asking them to perform. 

  • Make sure that when a task is completed, you release the payment to your service provider so that they can get paid for their work. 




How do I send a private message?

Once a task has been accepted by a service provider, both user and provider can communicate via the GOwiz messaging system. This is useful for any last minute information or anything that wasn’t clear in the task description. 

When can I send a private message?

Users can send messages through the private messaging system any time from when the job request is accepted, until the job has been completed and signed off via the GOwiz App or website


Community Guidelines


Standards of service

GOwiz encourages users from every background and walk of life. That’s why we believe that everyone should be treated with equal trust and respect. Here are some community guidelines that should be followed by both customers and service providers so that everyone has the best possible experience: 

Unacceptable Behaviour

We want everyone’s experience to be positive when using the GOwiz services, this is why we have put together a list of actions that will not be tolerated. The following list of behaviours, we consider to be unacceptable on GOwiz:

  • Discrimination 

  • Hatred

  • Violence or harassment 

  • Trolling

Unsupported Practices

We want to build an honest and trustworthy community on GOwiz. We are committed to making sure that fraudulent and unsupported activities are avoided as much as possible when using these services. Some of the behaviours include:

  • Writing fraudulent reviews 

  • Making false claims to improve your public profile

  • Keeping the information of other GOwiz users 

  • Subcontracting is only possible for users registered under a Company Service Provider domain. This is possible as long as the service provider is your employee and is registered on your company dashboard. 

Accountability and Reputation

  • Fulfilling tasks that you accept 

  • Attending your tasks yourself and not subcontracting unless you are registered as a company provider on GOwiz

  • Completing tasks to an acceptable standard


  • You must have a valid ABN number - you must be 16 years or older to get an ABN number or have a parent’s consent to apply for one.


Reporting unacceptable behaviour


Your safety is of top priority to us at GOwiz. 

  • To report unacceptable behaviour as a customer or a service provider, you can let us know via the Contact Us Page.
  • If you ever feel that your health and safety is under immediate danger or threat, please do not hesitate to contact emergency services. 


Having trouble setting up your service provider profile? See our Step-by-Step Guide for information on how to get set up.

Still have a question? Contact Us