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1.       If you are planning on becoming a Service Provider. Select this App if you want to do Paid Delivery & Services Work For Customers. Please download and install the GOwiz Provider App

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2.       If you are planning on becoming a Customer . Select This App If  You Want Something Delivered or You Need A Service Done or You Need Casual Staff and Labour Hire.

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A New Way For Service Providers & Service Seekers


Driving Work-Life Independence


  1.  Farm Workers Backpackers
  2.  Couriers & Delivery Drivers – Bikes, Cars, Utes & Trucks
  3. Food Takeaway & Grocery Delivery
  4. Online Tutoring, Personal Trainers, Life Coaching & More
  5. Domestic & Commercial Cleaners
  6. Handy People & Renovators
  7. Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting & Grooming
  8. Mobile Vets Domestic Pets & Farm Animals
  9. Qualified Tradespeople - Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Carpenters & More
  10. Flat Pack Assemblers, From kitchens to Chairs
  11. Builders Labourers, Labour Hire, Removalists & More
  12. All Hospitality Staff, Retail Staff, All Casual Workers Available
  13. Lawns & Gardening, Landscaping, Tree Lopping & Garden Waste
  14. Computer Repairs, Remote Login Services, Security & Anti-Virus,
  15. Remote Services: Graphic Designers, Admin, Telemarketing & Sales
  16. Professional Services: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Legal, Medical & More
  17. Mobile Mechanics Car Bike & Trucks
  18. Local Volunteers & Check-in Services
  19. Ask of Anything To Get Done Wildcard Category.
  20. Online Tutors & Teachers
  21. and many more Services Available..



Our Customers


Are you tired of waiting around for people to fix your problems? Keep calling around for help but never getting through?

We know how it is. That piece of flat pack furniture that you’ve been dreading putting together. That leaky tap that won’t stop dripping. That key that keeps getting stuck. 

We have your solution. 

In a few simple taps, you can get the right services sent to where you need them, when you need them. No more waiting around for people who don’t show up or won’t answer your calls. 

Whatever your problem, find your answer on our Services List. 

Take back control. Download GOwiz. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up here.

Our Providers


At GOwiz, our service providers pave their own future. Whether you're a skilled technician, a licensed tradesperson or a hobby enthusiast. Skilled or unskilled, trained or untrained. GOwiz has a job for everyone. 

Tell us what you’re worth. You set your own price, choose your own jobs and take time off when you want. You don’t even need your own tools! We can send you to jobs where the tools are provided so that you don’t need to splash your hard earned cash on buying your own. Travel light on public transport or by foot and know that you’re not forgetting anything!

Get paid to keep fit! As a GOwiz courier all you need is two legs and a sense of direction. Travel by foot, bike, scooter, car, public transport, limo, private helicopter... the options are endless! Find out more about what you can do here.

Is your commute eating away your day? Sick of travelling? Tired of getting home late? At GOwiz you choose where you work and how far you travel. Your time is valuable, spend it the way you want.

Maybe you’re an industry professional and you just want to generate more leads. GOwiz has an abundant and widespread community and can send notifications straight to your device when work becomes available. Sit back and let your customers come to you.

No more feeling overworked and underappreciated. No more 9 to 5 or undesirable bosses. 

Be the best boss you ever had. Be a Wiz.

If you want to learn a skill or gain some experience to set you up for your dream job, Contact Us and we will help you get started. 

Who Are We?


GOwiz is an on-demand services and delivery app, where you can book anything from Couriers, Plumbers, Cleaners, Pet Carers, Home Care, Gardeners and more; anywhere and anytime. The GOwiz App integrates multiple services under one single platform so you can get the services you want, when you need them. Whether you want to deliver a document or industrial machinery. Or, you might need to find a hair and beauty professional for that special occasion, everything is available with a few taps. GOwiz providers are small local business people who are ready for you when you need them.

Some services offered by the GOwiz include, Fast Delivery, Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Car wash, Plumbers, Builders, Casual Hospitality Staff, Labour Hire, Massage on demand. Get almost anything you need done fast and well. If you need a service that isn’t listed on our Services List, just use our "Anything Wildcard" and a GOwiz provider will come to your rescue!



The Future Of Work


A Complete Shift of Paradigm

Millennial Generation Morphed Into the Coronial Generation?

The Future of Work-Life During and Post COVID-19

A New Way Of Working Together For The Greater Good..  “REMSTEAD” GOwiz Apps.

For many years now It’s never been clear to me why our work-Life structures and environments have not evolved in-line with advances in technology and work-Life balance.

In particular within the service sectors. Robotics currently and in the future will be deployed to manufacturing anything we need, if we kept going the way we have in the past..

  1. Work and commercial hours (i.e. 9-5 etc.) medical services, banks, Government services, schools, offices, cafes, shops and retail stores all start and finish at similar times.(with the exception of a few of course)
  2. Physical presence and centralization (i.e. Company addresses where everyone works together in one place or a number of company locations)
  3. Capitalism, Consumerism, Consumption, Education, Career Tournaments, Politics, Productivity, Family, Work-Life Balance, Deregulation, Consolidation.

During the GFC there were 3 decisions in my opinion,

  1. Print money to inject into the world economy (rather just add a few zero’s to the central bank’s balance sheet and in turn the central reserve’s balance-sheet of respective nations.
  2. Consolidate the economy of respective nations to become self-reliant, self-sustaining, more consolidated and independent.
  3. In Australia during the 60’s & early 70’s 68+% of the workforce were employed by Government Organizations, albeit this was common for any developing economy, however lifestyle, culture and security of employment were maintained. In those days you could walk out of a job one day and walk straight into another the next. Therefore, Governments could have easily gone back to owning and managing industries like; Utilities, Airlines/Transport, Banking, Communications, Hospitals and other Essential Services to start with instead of deregulating and selling them off.

Option 1 is what the world decided to go with, a decision that only served big businesses and institutions including Governments of the day.  This stimulus would put pressure on future generations resulting in lower wages, higher taxes and fewer entitlements/opportunities.

I believe options 2-3 would have been beneficial to most western nations, in particular Australia. If it were not for the cross-collateralized debt owed between larger nations and institutions, which in theory could have been written-off the same way as in option 1.

Option 2-3 amidst the Corona Pandemic, seems like a perfect time to do this and it seems the Universe has imposed this amidst the COVID-19 crisis for it’s own preservation and not that of Capitalism ?


Millennial Shift to Coronial Shift

The industrial revolution brought about a world-wide shift, taking (mostly men) out of the family environment and into factories and later men and women into offices. This has had future ramifications imposed on family life and during the WW I-II saw women contributing to productivity of respective nations. A one track mind on Capitalism and a boom of wealth creation for most western and resource rich nations and of course a boom in world populations. In the last 50 years the world population has doubled from 4 Billion to 8 Billion the single largest increase ever recorded.


The GFC should have taught us all a valuable lesson, a lesson taught to us in Business School. Adam Smith the Father of Capitalism warned us of this in his books “The Wealth of Nations 1-2 and others. He coined the term “the invisible hand of the market” (well we are now faced with an invisible enemy that is causing us to wash-out those hands!) he also warned us that the system will go through many shifts and recover many times and finally self-destruct. However; he did not offer alternatives, in-fact there are not many alternatives offered and if there were, it would be met with unconscionable resistance as we have seen throughout history.  Some economists say that 1% of the world population own and control 95% of all economics, investments, property – “THE MONEY”. So where does the resistance come from? of course like in anything, self-preservation comes above most anything when you have something to lose.

Benefits of remote working using current & future technology.

So why do most of us get up in the morning get ready for work, struggle with getting children ready, get in our cars, buses, trains, planes, then rush off and battle traffic to get to work on time? And then the same at days end? At what cost?  We could so easily convert to solar energy. We are suggesting that If you use your commercial and domestic appliances during the day IT’s FREE!.

Why do we persist on using utilities that are not sustainable and becoming hugely expensive? Capturing storm-water is another anomaly why can’t we capture and recycle storm-water?.. The list of possible solutions to alternative energy are endless and continually developing.


A Complete Shift of Paradigm

 Given that we will be working from home for extended periods perhaps years. If fact we envision a complete shift of paradigm, we consider working remotely from home or anywhere to become the future norm.

This will indeed offer employees and opportunity to get out of congested Cities and live wherever they want, thus providing work-life balance, lifestyle and reducing pollution. Why do we insist on financing our homes, office buildings only to use them 1/3 of the time? Consider the savings across all fronts, these savings could be put to better use by supplying employees with what they need to perform the task they would otherwise be performing in the office OR better still; as you will see below with the GOwiz vision a majority of work will be done by self-employed contractors. Therefore a majority of currently full-time employed staff will become independent contractors i.e. “Self-Employed” which in turn offers them with a myriad of benefits.


Employee; the Cost of fuel, time traveling to and from work locations, other fees and pollution.

Employer: Cost of rents, utilities, facility servicing, equipment and environment.


The main issues have always circulated

  1. Productivity, employee management, security, customer service “Control”
  2. People can’t be trusted to work in self-managed remote teams.. why not? They can be trained?
  3. Human Beings are social animals, they need to belong, they need stimulation – physical and mental health, they need security, they need love, they need to contribute, they need to compete, they need to be satisfied and they need to be rewarded both intrinsically and extrinsically.


What if there was a way of fulfilling all the above and still maintain our Capitalistic hunger, Social, Economic, Political and environmental way of life and reduce unnecessary consumption, waste, pollution, poverty, exploitation, ill health, legal obligations and political stability?


Reduce costs, increase productivity, fulfill work and family balance, reduce stress, increase wellbeing and satisfaction, reduce our over-all impact on the planet?

There is so much more that we can do and the time for opening up discussions on possible solutions and ideas is NOW!


This is why we have developed a system called REMSTEAD – and an On-Demand delivery and Services App called GOwiz.com.au.


(Remote Employee Management Systems - Technological Employment Application & Development)


REMSTEAD – Brings together Strategic Human Resources, Business Management, Financial Management and the latest Technologies – We brought together a group of professionals in their respective fields and they can help Employers and Employees of SME’s within service sector organizations to continue to prosper in a post COVID-19 Work-Life Future.  We offer services from Strategic Human Resources, Change Management, Psychometrics, Health & Wellbeing both physical & mental, Finance management, Business and Marketing Management, Performance Management and Monitoring, Management Reporting, Education and Re-Skilling, Career Development Mentoring,  ICT Information and Communication Technology, Technology hardware and software procurement and installation and more.


We will be launching soon and are open to suggestions and interested professionals to come along and join.



Under the current environment brought about by COVID-19, an environment that we believe was inevitable without the need for a Pandemic and given that it makes sense that the future of work was always going to be focused on increasing casual labour, contracting, self-employment and out-sourcing because. This is because of the high cost of permanent employees, having to manage them, reward them, train them and keep them happy/satisfied AND loyal, productive and efficient.

So we thought if this was going to be the future of work anyway why not create a platform where “service-seeker” (employers and customers) could find willing contractors in any area of the service sector to engage? As is the above paragraph, self-employed people and contractors depend highly on the quality of their service, on timely delivery, meeting deadlines and maintain value for money. This serves to help employers and service seekers receive a quality service at the best competitive rates. On Gowiz “Service Providers” outline their skill-sets, work history and a profile on themselves. This includes a rating system where “Service Seekers & Employers” can rate the service performed  by the Service Provider and which is visible to the customer (service seeker). The customer is able to view comments and rating given by other customers as-well-as see the service providers profile and work portfolio with images and dialog.



On GOwiz customers select the Service Provider other than in delivery which is based on proximity, so for example if you need a particular service you simply login select what service you are looking for and a list of service providers will rendered on the mobile device. Then the customer can browse the list of providers, their skills, ratings and comments to make a service request OR the customer can select the nearest provider to where the customer needs the service done.

 (please note that the customers and providers personal details are not visible to anyone only the , ratings, profiles, portfolio and service requested and all service providers are screened and vetted with having to produce photo ID, license and proof of qualifications and accreditation within their selected service list)

Service Providers

Service providers have the ability to set their own competitive hourly rates to become more attractive to customers, then can create a details work history – listing their skills – qualifications – licenses and upload images of their previous work where appropriate.


Please visit www.gowiz.com.au and download the respective app “Customer and or Service Provider”