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How it works?


  • Register  Simply register on the GOwiz App by providing your email address, phone number or use any social media platform.
  • Choose Service The GOwiz App is a one stop shop of services. It offers delivery, trades, and many other services for you to choose from. Simply click on the icon and get what you need!
  • One Click Hire  Compare the skills and price rates of available service providers and choose the right person for your job.
  • Qualified & Skilled All service providers have been screened with the appropriate documentation and vetted by GOwiz staff for your peace of mind.  
  • It's Done! You can track your service provider in real time and provide your valuable feedback and ratings to improve the service providers reputation.


  • Find A CourierFind A Courier
  • Find Handy PeopleFind Handy People
  • Find Farm WorkersFind Farm Workers
  • Find A PlumberFind A Plumber
  • Find A ElectricianFind A Electrician
  • Find TradiesFind Tradies
  • Find TutorsFind Tutors
  • Find Office StaffFind Office Staff
  • Find A CleanerFind A Cleaner
  • Find A CarpenterFind A Carpenter
  • Find Casual WorkersFind Casual Workers
  • Find A CatererFind A Caterer
  • Find AssemblersFind Assemblers
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One App With The Power Of Many

For on-demand service seekers & service providers

Download GOwiz today and discover just how easy finding service and delivery providers can be. Find an experienced service provider close to you in just a few seconds. It's fast and easy

Get Anything Delivered

Need something done urgently and efficiently by skilled tradespeople or need something delivered at short notice? The free GOwiz App has many suitably qualified small business service providers ready to work for you and get the job done.

With a few simple taps, you can easily find on-demand service providers and deliveries when you need them, hassle-free! From groceries and fast food to machinery, grain and building materials GOwiz has registered providers in most categories. 

Join the next generation of service providers with the GOwiz App. It's fast and easy.



Get The Job Done!

GOwiz is an on-demand services and delivery app, where you can find anything from Pet Carers & Mobile Vets to Deliver Anything Couriers, Meals to Tow Trucks, and everything in between; anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to deliver a parcel, or find a skilled professional or Urgent Casual Staff - everything is available with just a few taps! GOwiz providers are small local business people who are ready to work for you when you need them. Simply select from our On-Demand Services and choose the provider who is right for you! If you can’t find the service you need, use our "Something Else Wildcard".

Earn an income in your spare time or full-time it's up to you!

Be the best boss you ever had! The next-generation of work-life balance is here. The GOwiz App aims to provide flexible work opportunities for professional, trade qualified, skilled and unskilled providers.

On this multi-app platform you can find jobs whether you’re trained, trade qualified or simply good at something. 

Anybody can earn an income with the GOwiz App! If the surfs up or you need to pick up the kids or have a dentist appointment; simply turn yourself offline until you are ready to work again… It's that easy!

For information on signing up as a service provider, just visit our help centre page and we can help you get started in your own small business and or find jobs that you enjoy doing or are good at.